The USPC has standardized ratings, or certifications, to asses its riders. These certifications, as you progress, begin branching out. Today, one can specialize in Stadium Jumping, Dressage, Traditional (Eventing), or Horse Management.

Current PPC Ratings/Certifications:

Kaylee : B Dressage, HB
Maddy H   : H-B HM, C-1 TRAD, C-2 FL, C-2 DR
Reagan  : D-2 HM, D-1 TRAD
Erin  : D-2 HM, D-2 TRAD
Mikaela  : D-2 HM, D-1 TRAD, D-2 FL
Eve  : D-2 HM, D-1 TRAD
Maddy F : D-1 TRAD
Katrina  : D-1 TRAD
Ashley  : D-1 TRAD



Standards of Proficiency, Test Sheets and Checklists (this will take you to the USPC web site)